Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wise Words - Date a Lifeguard

Have you ever done something you thought you wouldn't ever do? 
This weekend I was the victim in the Ontario University Lifeguarding Championships - it was pretty awesome. I was a volunteer for Saturday from 2:30PM-9PM. For the first few hours I was a minor head injury, a lot of teams missed seeing me, and for the second half I was a distressed non-swimmer so I pretty much just had to pretend drown. I volunteered again today (Sunday) from 9:30AM-2:30PM and was again a distressed non-swimmer, this was some pretty exciting stuff. I am not sure who won because I couldn't stay until the end. More to the point of my story I was told about a shirt that I thought was pretty amazing considering I am a lifeguard. The shirt says: 

If your not dating 
a lifeguard raise 
your standards

I just thought I would share these wise words. 


  1. definitely have to agree with that statement!

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