Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Oddities of Art

Have you ever seen a sculpture and thought to yourself...what is that!?
The other day I was walking downtown London with my sister and niece. We walked from Warncliff to Richmond and Dundas. While we walked we went down Talbot between Queen and Dundas, the above photo is what I saw. It looks like a large colon, piece of intestine, or an oddly shaped worm. I had to go back last night around 10PM with my housemate Sarah just to take a picture so that I could share this with you all. 
Does anyone have any idea what this is?


  1. Unfortunately I agree, it looks like a colon...

    For anyone who enjoys this sort of art I'd recommend an annual event put on by Toronto called "Nuit Blanche". Some of the most questionable and random works of "art" out there. Everything from sculpture like this piece seen above to chalk art to music to shooting a zombie movie scene to playing "Pong" or the parliament buildings! Not to mention everything in between. I encourage you to look it up online or check out my Facebook page with all the pictures.

    Essentially it's a night where several hundred artists take over and transform the downtown core of Toronto into a massive art exhibit. If you're up for several hours of walking (or lazy enough to take a cab) I'd highly recommend planning a route and going to see some of these works next fall!

  2. HAha, I am a BIG lover of art, especially modern art (hence why I have 2 modern art blog links on is a favourite. But, this? Unacceptable. What neither of you mentioned, and the one thought that popped into my head: kraft the swirly kind that is half as good as the original...a concept that may have seemed good at the time but was definitely a failure in reality (kind of like this sculpture). I suggest posting this picture to

    Thank you for your determination in showing us this sad structure.

  3. I can't believe you even found this! I have never seen it before...I guess I should start looking around more when I'm downtown!

  4. The red one looks like intestines! Or a twisty hot dog.