Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Love Scrubs, here's why

Have you ever found a tv show that you love to watch and just can't get enough of? 
This would be me and the way I feel about scrubs! This show is absolutely fantastic, it's full of humor that is - I feel- designed for me. Recently a ukulele girl has been added to the show, and she increases the hilariousness of the show. 
Perhaps I will tickle you with a little background of the show, it's about a group of interns in the first few seasons, and then they become attendings. This show is filled with stupid funny humor which is oh my goodness I have no idea how to explain it your just going to have to watch the video clips below:  

Space Invaders


Now you know why I LOVE Scrubs


  1. HAHA

    The Ukelele girl is an awesome addition to the cast and I love how Ted shows it off to everyone! Wait, the lawyer's name is Ted ya?!

    lol too funny - and I must say - my favourite parts of the show are when Dr. Cox just annihilates anyone in his way...or the Janitor and JD moments...or JD day dreaming...or the jokes that JD and Turk pull off...or...wth...the entire show is awe to the some.

  2. s'ma fav show. I don't think the humour is stupid, I think it's amazing. I love the visions because I totally get those kind of visions too, it's weird. The best is the squirrel army

  3. Great show. I watched 7 seasons of it in a matter of a month.

  4. Thanks Laura. Now I'm down to 4.5 hours of sleep tonight instead of 5. I better see you tomorrow!

    it really is brilliant! i highly enjoyed that montage 2!

  6. ahhh i rememebr when u borrow my lappy and watched scrubs at camp when u were room bound cos of lame sickness....i feel i can claim a little of the glory for setting you in the right direction with this one....i suggest arrested development to further ur education into all things beyond it....ur australian commands you...

  7. Oh dear Australian Lady,
    I will watch it just for you!! I am so excited that it was you who gave me the inspiration to watch this amazing show! Haha Love ya Lynda.