Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Summer lovin'

Have you decided on your summer plans yet?
I am trying to decide when to go on vacation, should I go the beginning of summer, middle, or end? Right now I am set on the end of summer, one big shabam before I get back into school. This summer I am staying in London and working as a lifeguard, as well as a cashier at Heeman Greenhouse and strawberry patch
I am excited to see what the city is like in the summer, compared to the month when there are thousands of students flooding campus, the bars, and clogging up the streets. 

Remember to pick your favorite thing about summer on the side bar and I will let you know the top choice when the voting is up! 


  1. London is just lovely in the summer. Ask Sarah.

  2. London is nice in the summer, but VERY quiet
    Bars are empty and so is campus lol
    But luck you, I'm still here so I can keep you company after work :)

  3. I'm going to visit my relatives in Hong Kong! I'll probably stop by Thailand as well... it's going to be a fun summer =)

  4. i am going to miss you this summer! love you