Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dino Farts!

Have you ever stumbled upon something that makes you roll on the floor with laughter!? 

Tonight I was on youtube with my Mum and I fell across this video of two dinos, and a pig farting. I thought it was hilarious and yes I know a little juvenile but hey you can't blame a girl for finding a fart funny! 

Friday, January 30, 2009

The little things.

I've been thinking about the little things. The little things that cause each of us to smile. Nothing extravagant just the little thing. 

I'll set you up with a few examples:

1. Having someone open a door for you
2. Looking out your window in the city and being able to actually see a star
3. Having someone send you a text or a facebook message just to say 'Hi' 
4. Having someone know you so well that they know exactly what you like and how to make you smile. 
5. Doing your school work and having your housemate bring you a freshly baked cookie, or smoothie. 

Since I was thinking about the 'little thing' I thought I would share some stuff with you that makes me smile. 
My three sisters and I for Christmas do secret santa (it's not really secret because we usually just pick who we want to get a present for). This year Ruth got me my secret sister present and I really wanted some Calvin Klein undies and she made that happen, but she also got me an amazing little cupcake to put my earrings in!

I absolutely love making cupcakes (as UWO PTs know I will take any excuse to make cupcakes; by the way thanks for liking them so much!). I just thought it was so sweet of my sister to know exactly what I like! 

It's really the little things that count and make a not so special day into an AMAZING one!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Squash Game

I know I know, I am kind of becoming obsessed with squash. This is a video of my second time playing with my friend Erica. 

This was not only my second time playing squash this is also the first video I have ever made! 
Hope you enjoy! 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Unnecessary height of Hair

Have you ever seen someone with hair in everistic proportion? 

As I was waiting for class with two lovely ladies Adele and Britgette a girl walked past with an epic hair style. As we saw this girl walking past us we all took notice and I was asked to write a blog about the unnecessary height of hair. I have a few examples that I would like to bring to the attention of the fashionistas and Voguests. 

1. The Duff Puff. Made famous by Hilary Duff. A duff puff is a tacky hairstyle, where a girl ties her hair back except for the bangs and then teases her bangs and then puts them back with a bobypin, leaving a little puff on the top of the head. At any rate this hair style is tacky, however I would like to let the ladies know who actually use this style, if the puff adds 6' to your height...It's too high. 

2. The Half Beehive. Our Grandmothers used to have this style and it went away for a reason. This hair style causes the wearers head to become twice its size. The hair looks like something got into it and made a nest.  I think this style should be left to decompose just like a rats nest. 

3. The High Ponytail. The high ponytail is just the way it sounds, a high ponytail. This style is alright if your 5 or happen to be a cheerleader, if you are a self respecting female please don't use the high ponytail.

End the hair massacre! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Control Anger... HAHA- My Rage Has a Name.

Do you ever have those days where its like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? 
Realistically if this is the case, I woke up on the wrong side of my room. I have been angry all day, different things just seemed to continuously go wrong! I had to leave early for class this morning - by early I mean 10:30 - just as I was walking out the door my house mate asked me to move the car. Low and behold I almost missed the bus, which was step one in having an anger filled day. (she didn't even go anywhere while I was out at class...). Next I came home and wanted to clean the washroom, but what couldn't I find? Thats right folks, I couldn't find the cleaning supplies, they are supposed to be in the closet in my bathroom, but no no not there. I searched the house, then the garage, they weren't anywhere I looked. They were in the laundry room! So, I got the cleaning supplies and cleaned the bathroom. WAIT, I didn't mention that the cleaning solution I used smelt like rotten eggs. Today my rage came in the form of destiny dying on me. 
Moving on to the rest of my day, I burnt my dinner, my cars breaks are squealing again, AND I spilt my hot chocolate on my shoe. My day isn't over yet, I feel the worst is yet to come. 
Tomorrow will be better, I get to play squash with one of my friends Erica, I'll post a photo of how awesome we are when we play squash tomorrow, or maybe even a video, you best be watching for it! 
Hope your day was better than mine.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dancing from the 80s

Do you ever wish it were the 80's again? There wasn't much to dancing except spastic movements, big hair, and neon outfits. In the 80's guys wore cropped shirts and spandex and got away with it. The reason I am writing this blog is because I can't dance, in no way can I go out on the dance floor and be considered cool, but if it were the 80's I would fit right in. Most people don't know this about me, but I'm in love with Fresh Prince of Bel Air the television show with Will Smith. I feel that its genius! 
Fresh Prince was filmed in the 90's but still had contained content of the 80s. Since I grew up watching this show, this is sadly where my dance moves came from. 

This also happens to be the same place I found my love for Tom Jones. (This dance happens to be the one I have mastered)

At the end of this video when Will sits down it reminds me that when I dance my room mates do the same thing except there is a little more laughter! 
Now you know me just a little better! 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Remedy Sleepless Nights

Do you ever find it hard to fall asleep? 
Maybe it's because there are a million things racing around in your mind and whenever your about the fall asleep something else pops in your head that makes you stressed or anxious. I have been in my bed trying to fall asleep for 2 hours now; I wanted to try and get a good night sleep, I guess that isn't happening...
In my state of being awake I was thinking about all the different ways my mom used to try and get my to fall asleep when I was younger. I never got the warm milk to help me fall asleep, I got stories, or she would play with my hair. Don't you ever long for the days when you were 5 and the biggest worry you had was remembering who your best friend was that week and what their name was? I know I sure do! 
Since I am awake I have been thinking of new ways that would make a sleepless night a little less sleepless. I wouldn't suggest going on the computer, I find it wakes me up a little more. However, food is a great way to help someone fall asleep. When you eat food all the blood goes away from your head towards your stomach and the surrounding area to help you digest, this is why your usually the most tired after you eat. 
I'm having popcorn, is anyone else in!? 

Friday, January 23, 2009

Teacup Piglet

I don't know about you, but I have always wanted a piglet! Most kids want a dog or a cat, some even want a hamster; I don't know why they are smelly and resemble rats. I have a reason for loving pigs and it really started a long time ago, and it wasn't from Winnie the Pooh. It actually started when I was five and I went with my parents and three older sisters to visit my aunt Shirley on her pig farm. My aunt's pig farm consisted of 1000 pigs and I thought it was the most amazing place ever! There is just something about holding a piglet that is just so exciting! 
My new found obsession is trying to find a teacup piglet; which, is the size of a teacup and they don't really get much bigger they stay between 15-30 pounds and I think they are amazing. They are like dogs and very loyal but also like cats since they are trained to use a litter box. 
Recently my other aunt and I have been searching all over the place to find two little piglets, one for her that she will name Petunia and one for me that I will name Wilton. So if you happen to find one, send it my way! 

Now that you have seen a teacup piglet don't you want one!? 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First TIme Playing Squash

Never played squash before? Me either! I was able to play for the very first time yesterday and it was awesome! 
A girl from my program named Erica was my competition and it was great. Neither of us are very good, but by the end of the hour we were getting pretty good, not professional good but oh we were close! 
Erica and I both thought that playing squash is a really good work out and I must say by the end I was sweating. I highly recommend if you haven't tried playing squash or a racket sport that you go and play. While your at it, it gives you a great reason to go and experience the new gym at UWO!
For rules click here. Rules is really what I need to work on, however, hand eye coordination would be a great skill to grasp also! 


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fairy Tale...More Like Fairies Fail...

Fairy tale... I think not. We've all heard the story of Cinderella and Snow White and maybe even Sleeping Beauty. Each story leaves us with the hope that we will one day find Prince Charming or a closely related cousin or maybe even his brother. What the fairy tales don't tell is that they're not real. 
Try this picture on for size, I don't really have the best luck I feel if I were to stand at the front of a ship I would be there just to block the birds from hitting the person behind me.
Ladies have you ever found a guy that you thought was PERFECT; the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with?
So you found this guy, and you've been dating for two weeks and you swear he is the replicant of a Greek god. I mean ladies come on this guy is H-O-T hot, he treats you like a princess and just to top it all off he has a rock hard butt. (Wentworth Miller) 

I'm just warning you here girls, watch out for the bad frogs, they do what they need to hook ya but once you think your with the next prince charming he flips on ya!  
There are a few warning signs that I am going to offer here.
Lose your guy if: 
1. Your man is getting constant text from other girls (all the time)
2. He Tattoo that says mom.
3. He thinks your perfect. --> No one is perfect no matter how much you think you are! 
4. You can't find any personal time. 
5. He talks marriage in the first two months. (wow slow down there pony) 

I know that fairy tales aren't real and I know that everyone will find their own Prince Charming, but watch out for the bad frogs; and if you happen to stand at the front of a boat in Titanic style remember to duck if you see a bird coming your way! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And That's All...

As I wrote in my first blog I am going to write about new things that I experience. This weekend it just happened to be going to my friend Chloe's barn and riding her horse Sysco. The horse in the yellow/gray blanket is Sysco and the girl in the amazing hat is Chloe. Don't get me wrong here folks I have ridden many times before. However, riding this particular horse at this particular barn is the 'first' for me!  I haven't been riding since the summer and it was SO much fun. Aren't new things exciting!?

I was having a horrible morning this morning, I mean come on everyone has a bad morning every once in a while. If someone has a horrible day by waking up on the wrong side of the bed, then I had a monumentally bad day from waking up on the wrong side of the universe. However, in order to rectify my day my house mate Sarah decided to take me out for sushi. I have never gone out for sushi before and I have found my new love. There is a spicy, crispy, salmon sushi and it is FANTASTICIf you haven't try it I highly recommend it. I think everyone should learn something new or try something new each and every day; just anything that you have never had the time or guts to try before. 


Monday, January 19, 2009

One Million Acts of Green

That's right, we are getting back to basics here people! 


One Million Acts of Green is the idea that one small act can make a very large difference. This campaign is being promoted by CBC, The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos, and Cisco. I made my first act of green the other day which I thought was rather exciting. I bought a Starbucks coffee tumbler. Each tumbler is made out of 26% recycled material. 
By buying a coffee tumbler -->  from Starbucks or any other place and taking it to the coffee shop when buying coffee it will reduce the amount of waste because you no longer have to get a cup. All you have to do is make sure you have your tumbler! With Starbucks if you bring your own beverage container (your tumbler) it will also cut down on the cost of your beverage, and since we are all students its important to find ways to really stretch your $dollar$. 
The One Million Acts of Green campaign is one of the best ways we can promote a healthier planet! I urge everyone to get involved in doing at least 1 "green" thing each week and together we can see a difference in our planet! 
Another great campaign was the flickoff campaign also supported by CBC. When your not in a room turn off the lights, this has to be one of the biggest money saving things I can think of for home owners and renters! TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS! 
I really hope that by reading this everyone can do at least one green thing today!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did you 'catch' that!?

In watching Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism I've discovered that I need to be discerning and critical in the media content that I listen to and watch. 

Have you ever wondered what is happening on the other side of your television when you watch the news? 
When the news comes on the television there are the breaking news stories that are the must sees. Not all the facts are always available or the story may not be completely finished. In actuality the news is nothing more than a moneymaking business, it's part of the entertainment industry. New media is built to bring in revenues and they wont make any money if their news stories aren't as exciting as the next channel over. As seen in the video above stories were made to entertain and electrify rather than real news.  A set of money making hounds have set out with the intention to create revenue with no real intent to inform. There are standards for each news centre and with Fox as shown in the video is a very biased media centre. 
It is important to tell the truth especially when they claim their information to be true and factual. However, as Fox has so eloquently demonstrated they push for entertainment and excitement over hard-hitting facts.
If you want to discover the truth there are several website devoted to just bringing forth the truth rather than trying to entertain. Most people don't know about these web site because they don't take the time to be critical of what information they are retaining. Although, most news stations do make the presentation of news information interesting, I feel it is much more important to have the facts. is a website devoted to being non-bias and factual. If there is ever a doubt in your mind I encourage you to go onto and uncover the truth. Avoid the wedge issues and get the facts!  

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Didn't I say I was going to put some of my masterpieces on here!? 
These are monarch butterfly cupcakes that I made for my Grandma's Birthday. Making the wings had to be the hardest part. The first time making these will definitely be the hardest. I didn't get the hang of making them till the very end. 

Making the wings: 
1. Get about 60 chocolate wafers of any two colours you want. (These can be found at bulkbarn)
2. Put each colour into a separate ziplock bag and microwave for 10 seconds at a time; in between each 10 seconds move the chocolate wafers around within the bag. 
3. Draw butterfly wings on a piece of paper in any style you want, just remember not to make them too large, if they are too big they will fall off the cupcake. 
4. When making the wings make each individual wing on a piece of wax paper that you lay over the butterfly wing that you drew. 
5. Do the outside (brown) part of the wing first and then the inside (orange). Remember to move quickly as chocolate sets fast. 
6. To get the swirls use a tooth pick drawing the chocolate from the outline to the inside of the wing. 
7. Put the wings in the fridge to set. You don't want to put them in the freezer for two reasons a) Once you take the wings out of the freezer just like meat the wings could start to sweat causing the chocolate to go bad. b) The chocolate could get discoloured. 

Assembling your butterfly:
1. Have as many cupcakes ready as you do sets of wings. 
2. Put frosting/icing onto the cupcake. The harder the icing the firmer your wings will be once they are on top of the cupcake. 
3. Put two pieces of hard licorice into the cupcake about 1/3 of the way from the bottom. You don't want to make them too close together about 1/3 of the size of the cupcake apart should be find. 
4. Put the wings on at a 45 degree angle so that they rest on the licorice.
5. Quickly put hard frosting in the middle of the wings to make it look like the body of the butterfly. 
6. Once this sets your butterfly is ready to be eaten! 

Now its time to enjoy your tasty creation! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mirror much!?

So I'm sitting in the North Campus Building waiting for my 2:30 class to start today. I was in one of the booths just sitting on my laptop minding my own business when this girl sits down across from me. I was fine with her sitting down across from me and I went back to my computer and working on some school work when, all of a sudden she sits like a dude. I'm talking legs fully spread wide apart, but this isn't even the worst thing. She has HOLES in the crotch of her pants, two of them just right there. I'm sitting there acting like I'm not noticing but I mean how can I not...she had two giant holes right there. I think if that were me I would notice the hole and maybe go home and change? Or at the very least where spanks under the pants so it was less noticeable. Don't people care how they present themselves anymore?
So I go to Western right? Western is notorious for being a fashion show every day with the way people dress. There is the stereotypical Western girl with the Aritzia jacket, Lulu Lemon sweater, either Lulu Lemon spandex pants or any random spandex pant, and Ugg/Emu boots and to top it all off a Western girl cannot and I mean CANNOT be seen with a backpack. No sir, a Western girl must have an over size bag that could fit a moderately sized toddler. Just a note here ladies, it's winter don't wear tights no one wants to see your cellulite anyways, and Ugg/Emu boots leak and have no grip, they may be warm but Timberland boots are warm, 100% waterproof and wont go gross after one winter! 
I say dress warm and dress comfortable. 


Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Very First Time.

Surprising isn't it. I am a media student at the University of Western Ontario, and I have never created a blog. I've read a blog once, and it was an accident. My friend Lynda came to visit from Australia -  the past three summers she has come to work at camp with me - and I loged on to her computer and wound up on her blog. Thinking it was interesting I read it, that was my very first and I am thinking my only encounter with a blog. 
Now that I am in a blogging class I am required to write a blog (still to be decided how many times I post a week). Writing this could be very interesting for all of you since I don't really talk to many people on campus. I talk to those I know, and I know very few people here. 
I figure now that I will be posting a lot I should let you get to know me. 
I am the youngest child of four girls, I have two parents and they live in Mississauga. My eldest sister is Ruth she's 24, a teacher for speacial needs children, and is engaged to be married on June 21st of this year to a wonderful guy named Erik. Next is Heidi whos 22 a nursing student in her final semester at Humber in Toronto, and is currently a trainer for the humber hawks hockey team. Finally is my sister Julie, she just turned 21, got married to a guy named Tyler on June 22, 2008. She has a daughter who is 6 months old named Madison Isabel. Then theres me I'm Laura, I am 19 years old I attend the University of Western Ontario, and I'm not a natural brunette.