Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crunch Time

It's down to that time of year again, classes are over in five weeks, you've got assignments coming out of who knows what, and your down to your last $100 for the year. What is a girl to do? Here is a break down, 

Groceries $40 every two weeks
Cell phone bill $50 a month
Gas $30 every 20 days

Now how is a girl going to survive on $100 for the rest of the year when the expenses are clearly more than the money I have? 
My solution may be a little easier than most but this is what happened. I called my mom and asked for a loan, and as soon as I make the money back this summer, it goes straight to the parental-units! 
Heres to the parents who bail you out...

Anyone else feeling the crunch time?

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  1. Let's talk crunch time...
    I totaled up all my Henry's receipts last week, the result: on top of my $6000 for tuition and school expenses, $1300 for gas, and the incredibly rare night out, I've spent another $6000 on semi-useless equipment for my program. Why? Under threat of non conformity and failure by the program head/profs. The effects: I literally don't have the money to afford gas for this week, and therefore skipping class tomorrow so I can pick up an extra shift at work to attempt to dent the near $10,000 I owe BMO.
    Something to ponder: Check out one of last weeks Toronto Star issues. As a University student you'll recognize which headline article I'm talking about. It's the one that reads "25% tuition hike touted". According to a think hired tank, despite the back lash from middle class students and in order to save Universities from the failing economy, a 25% raise in tuition should bring things into balance for the schools. Why? Because PARENTS can handle it... allegedly. Whether or not it is put into effect is yet to be seen. However, it certainly warrants close scrutiny. Especially for those of you like me who are paying for school on your own.