Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Mr. Garbage Man

I'm writing you for a few reasons.
The first being, why do you come to my house so early and insist on waking me up? This morning I woke up to the persistent beeping of the garbage truck going in reverse at the end of my street. Not only did this wake me up but terrified me because I remembered for the THIRD week in a row not to put the garbage out and the garage was getting rather smelly.
The second being, I'm sure your very lovely and all, but dealing with other people's trash wouldn't be my cup of tea. It's rather smelly and doesn't really suite my fancy!
So my dearest Mr. Garbage Man thank-you for collecting my garbage, but next week, could you be a little quieter?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Third Year

I'm not sure how many people still read my blog, I've kind of fallen away from it this summer with work. But were back to school for another year and the work is already piling on!
I'm currently working on two projects for my writing classes, but on a high note I don't have any final exams!!
I hope that this school year is starting out well for everyone!
I will continue to write and up date everyone on my life - Stay tuned!