Thursday, March 19, 2009


Have you ever seen something so AWESOME? Of course you haven't! 
I signed into my facebook as I do almost every day, I found that I had been invited to join a group called Handimals. Curious I decided to take a look. My friend Stephen Carlson who I have known for sometime now, has become a genius. He has created creatures with human hands incorporated into their design. 

Stephen says that "One day I decided to draw animals with some of their body parts as human hands. I don't think it has ever been done." 
 I find that Stephen's talent is overwhelming, and these creatures are a display of his creative genius
To view more of these amazing creations click here, you will be taken to the facebook group. From here if you would like to purchase a handimal Stephen is selling them. 
These creatures are truly amazing, congratulations for creating something so incredible Stephen!


  1. That is pretty neat:) He has to have some artistic qualities since they don't look like amateur drawings.

  2. ahh these are really cool

  3. haha I especially like the second one! Very cool, and modern..mod is close to my heart <3

  4. this reminds me of a mix between Man Ray and Dal, so very surreal. I enjoy that, thanks for the creative inspiration Stephen via that legal?

  5. Yes Charles I do believe it is legal wit appropriate consent.

  6. I kinda think these birds with human hands are much cooler: