Monday, March 9, 2009

BBQ Queen

laura daniel, bbq, bbq queen, laura daniel bbq queenDo you ever feel that your the best at something? Between me and my two housemates, I feel that I am the BBQ queen, Sarah would be the best at reading directions (we all know we need it!), and Lynn is definitely the best at studying
Yesterday, Sarah and I decided to have dinner together, and come on there was no snow on the ground...meaning... BBQ! There wasn't snow, but there was rain, and for feeling a little sick, I went outside in the rain, with an oreo cookie milkshake, and BBQed my little heart out. This is possibly the reason I woke up all sniffly. However, the chicken bacon cutlets that we had were absolutely what the doctor called for! 
As I worked outside preparing the meat, Sarah was inside, watching. In all fairness she did do the sweet potato, but still. We had the door to the back patio open a crack so the cat wouldn't run out, and had a conversation about how cold it was.
The reason I am wearing the oven mitts, is because 1. my hands were freezing from that delicious milkshake, and 2. we have no handles on the BBQ and need the oven mitts to actually be able to use the BBQ (there is a handle in the photo...but it falls off as soon as you touch it!!!)... Oh the life of a student, isn't it wonderful!?


  1. You really are the best at BBQ!!! and at making cookies and cream milkshakes! Good Job!

  2. Umm all I have to say is: where was my invite??? Also, I know about orange juice, gingerale, chicken noodle soup, won ton soup, honey lemon tea....but chicken bacon cutlets for a cold cure? I have to try that one next time I have the sniffles for sure.

    Loveeee citizen 19

  3. HAHAHAHAA sarah
    i seriously love you both