Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Unexplained Art

In addition to my post yesterday I wanted to show you this:
I decided to go for a walk downtown London this morning before meeting Man on the Moon at the library (in the Galaria) to study. As I was walking down Queen (near the intersection at Talbot) I came across these sculptures. There was absolutely no explanation in sight to tell me what these were. I stood, I pondered, I got closer...
Even getting closer I couldn't find out what this was supposed to be. I've been in the library for about 2 and a half hours now, thinking about what this could possibly be, and then it struck me. It looks like rocks piled on top of rocks in a random pattern. Thank-you ladies and gentlemen, I feel I should become an art critic! 
The only one that I wouldn't be able to explain as being a rock piled on top of a rock would be this one:
If only rocks could look this way! 
When all is said and done I kind of liked this little area with the fun rock like sculptures. At least I found out who the artist was of this one, unlike the giant colon I saw on Friday! 

If you know what the sculpture is supposed to be, let me know, I am rather curious! 


  1. Seriously...I think I need to open my eyes when I'm downtown. Crazy!!! I feel that it should be an art requirement to post their artists statement along with any weird piece of art!

  2. I learned about it in grade four on a trip to Museum London and the Court house- do you think I can remember now that someone asks? lol

    It is a very interesting art piece though, isn't it?!