Thursday, March 5, 2009

ALERT: Facebook Poke

Have you ever signed onto your facebook and noticed some random person has poked you? Here is the scoop on that... my housemate brought it to my attention that instead of paying these dating sites to find your perfect match, you can search him out of facebook. 

Attention ladies, to find your perfect man simply go into profile searches on facebook, type into the categories specific things you want in a guy. Say you want a man who likes volleyball, attends Western, is in third year, single, and they are liberal. You can simply type in all these things, and your perfect man will appear.  

From this point all you have to do is poke him (if he is what your looking for),  which allows him to see your profile, if he likes what he sees than he has the option to either poke you back, or just ignore. 

My housemate did this and found a wonderful guy and they hang out all the time. I thought this was brilliant. One thing to make sure of is that you don't have any friends in common, as well as not having friends of yours poke the same guy as you. 

Guys, if a girl pokes you, and you don't know her, now you will know why ;) This also works for guys, feel free to poke the ladies you find suitable, you never know what could happen. 

Happy poking ladies and gents!


  1. thats so cool, i never thought of facebook as a dating service lol!

  2. I always thought "poking" was the most random feature ever, but finally I have an explanation of what it can actually be used for!

  3. Funny... I hadn't even used the poke feature shortly after I joined Facebook two years ago and I asked someone what it was about and their immediate response, without even blinking, was "it's basically online flirting".

  4. facebook poking is the ultimate flirting! I feel I should start poking, but, some of the ones I want to poke are already my friends!!!

  5. Facebook as a dating service, thats intelligent and hilarious at the same time. Who would of thought Facebook, is where you can "poke" a girl or guy to flirt with. Awesome post.

  6. Facebook as a dating service, I think we've successfully taken all personal interaction out of meeting each other. Any conversation, flirting, or dating can now be done online. And the idea of "the poke" as a tool to initiate a relationship? Call me old fashioned but I prefer to actually meet the people I ask out. I like to see how people think on their toes without the ability to edit and revise their statements before sharing them with me. Yes there is a risk of face to face rejection and the possibility of the awkward (or bad) first date, but it's how you learn. The art of real conversation seems to be forgotten and the use of Facebook poke as a dating initiate is the next step in our devolutionary chain of interpersonal interaction.
    So ladies and gents, get off that key pad, walk up to that boy or girl and ask them out face to face!

  7. NO WAY?
    That is actually SO interesting!
    I'm intrigued! But how do you do the search?
    This could be a lot of fun!
    wow random!