Monday, March 2, 2009

Youtube Intro

For today's post I have to do a response to "An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube". This is a 55 minute video introducing YouTube from, you guess it, an anthropological perspective. I found this video to be rather exciting and interesting. This video is a focus on YouTube as a community - and it's true, YouTube is the largest community on the internet. It's comprised of videos posted by people just like you and I. This video is a conference held by a university professor and his students. 
This video shares the ups and downs of YouTube, the romances, the fakes, the fun, the celebrity, and the illegal. 
I believe YouTube to be a great place for social networking, a great social journal, and an even better community. There have been love stories emerging from YouTubers, people expressing who they really are, and even some wonderfully wacky people trying to convey how they feel towards the world. 
This video is a great tool in showing how YouTube works, the people behind it, and the way that it's fueled by user generated content. 
The reason I enjoyed this video so much was because it wasn't just some guy standing up in front of people telling them why he likes YouTube but also, the advantages of YouTube. My favorite line was when he was talking about the online community was, once people become individual they need the community to reinforce who they are and what they are doing. It's brilliant the way that it's 100% true, no matter how many people say that they don't care what anyone else thinks, in a way we all need validation. YouTube is a great way to make or break who you are, if you present your self in a certain way and no one likes it then you have the chance to change into someone new. In a way your not really presenting who you are but who the person you want people to think you are. 

The video I analyzed:

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