Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2412 Blogger of the Week Nominations

Attention one and all since I was blogger of the week this past week, it is now my task to nominate three lucky and very deserving members of Blogging 2412. 

Drum roll... or you can just pretend I did one right there....

Paul Sham with Post Script
Reason: What can I say about Post Script? I can tell you that sometimes while reading I have a little chuckle out loud! How else can I put this, well you see if a blog catches my attention and I constantly check the blog for updates it means I like it. Well done Paul! 

Emily Innis with Emilove
Reason: Em is constantly commenting on my blog which in turn made me start reading her blog I do read a lot of the blogs in the class but I am more attracted to the blogs of people who take the time to read my blog and comment. 

Ariane Klassen with Keep it Fresh

Reason: The other day while reading this blog I was introduced to a site called, the site was so brilliant and awesome. I am now addicted to going on the site just to see what new creations people have. 

Although I love these three blogs I would still say my favorite is Single Betty, however, being nominated by her last week, I don't think I can vote for her again! 
Good luck to the runners up! 


  1. EEEHH So excited :)! Thanks so much for the nomination Laura!

  2. and yes right now I am trying to suck up!!! hahaha!!!

  3. I accept bribes. Just so you all know, not that you wouldn't if your a blog reader of mine, I LIKE CUPCAKES!