Friday, February 27, 2009

Tie Dye My Life

Remember the days of tie died shirts, pants, bags, and flags? I sported a tie dye wardrobe when I was younger, I thought it was absolutely fantastic! Because of this obsession, and my love for cupcakes, I was inspired to try something new (for me at least). The tie dye cupcake ladies and gents, I have done it and man is it good. Really simple to do and so much fun. 
All you need to do is colour the batter that your using and scoop the different colours, in layers, into the cupcake cup. 
Check out the results,
these are the little darlings cooking

All done baking, fun colours! 
mmm yummy icing
Best simple cupcake
These are some tasty treats! 


  1. Wow these look great. If i wasn't allergic to blue I would be salivating right now!!!

  2. Do your roommates get to taste test all of your cupcake experiments?

    If so, I'm kind of envious.

  3. The Cupcakes look beautiful and very tasty. :)

  4. these look so cool! i am a huge cupcake fan, so i will for sure try them out! =)

  5. They look great! They're definitely easy, and fun to make! Even my husband had a lot of fun helping, even though he doesn't normally help out in the kitchen. :-p