Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog... The State of the Blogosphere

It's alive and it's coming after me. Oh it's got me and I am being pulled in...what do I do? I've been consumed by blogging, I am it's captive. As an assignment I had to read The State of the Live Web and it's use of technorati. 
Every day blogs are kept track of; the number of people that go on blogs, write blogs, create a new blog. The numbers are outrageous - and really high! 
In response to this article I would like to say that blogging in todays day and age is all the rage. Everyone wants to have their say on the world. Not only that people just want to share what is going on in their every day lives, I mean people have become to busy to even talk these days so having an online web diary or blog that tells people about your thoughts and what your doing just seems to be the next logical step. Personally I feel like I am thriving from an online outlet; I get to post almost anything that I want to and it feels like people are getting to know be better because I just get to rant! 
The article also talks about tags, and linking, two of the most important things for the blogging community. Linking to others blogs is a great way to increase the flow to your blog. If you scratch someone's back they will most likely scratch yours right back! I say get out there and make a blog of your own if you don't have one. As the article says it is a growing thing and people are constantly making blogs, it also says there are roughly 17 post a second...not a minute, A SECOND! I find this to be insane. I guess this just means I will always be able to find what I am looking for right here through blogs! 
If your interested in the blogging world and want to find out some more interesting facts please visit The State Of The Live Web. 
Lets all get-a-bloggin! 

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  1. maybe I will start a blog! all this talk about citizen journalism and web 2.0 is compelling my interest.... I'm catching the bug too I think!