Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Very First Time.

Surprising isn't it. I am a media student at the University of Western Ontario, and I have never created a blog. I've read a blog once, and it was an accident. My friend Lynda came to visit from Australia -  the past three summers she has come to work at camp with me - and I loged on to her computer and wound up on her blog. Thinking it was interesting I read it, that was my very first and I am thinking my only encounter with a blog. 
Now that I am in a blogging class I am required to write a blog (still to be decided how many times I post a week). Writing this could be very interesting for all of you since I don't really talk to many people on campus. I talk to those I know, and I know very few people here. 
I figure now that I will be posting a lot I should let you get to know me. 
I am the youngest child of four girls, I have two parents and they live in Mississauga. My eldest sister is Ruth she's 24, a teacher for speacial needs children, and is engaged to be married on June 21st of this year to a wonderful guy named Erik. Next is Heidi whos 22 a nursing student in her final semester at Humber in Toronto, and is currently a trainer for the humber hawks hockey team. Finally is my sister Julie, she just turned 21, got married to a guy named Tyler on June 22, 2008. She has a daughter who is 6 months old named Madison Isabel. Then theres me I'm Laura, I am 19 years old I attend the University of Western Ontario, and I'm not a natural brunette. 

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