Monday, January 19, 2009

One Million Acts of Green

That's right, we are getting back to basics here people! 


One Million Acts of Green is the idea that one small act can make a very large difference. This campaign is being promoted by CBC, The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos, and Cisco. I made my first act of green the other day which I thought was rather exciting. I bought a Starbucks coffee tumbler. Each tumbler is made out of 26% recycled material. 
By buying a coffee tumbler -->  from Starbucks or any other place and taking it to the coffee shop when buying coffee it will reduce the amount of waste because you no longer have to get a cup. All you have to do is make sure you have your tumbler! With Starbucks if you bring your own beverage container (your tumbler) it will also cut down on the cost of your beverage, and since we are all students its important to find ways to really stretch your $dollar$. 
The One Million Acts of Green campaign is one of the best ways we can promote a healthier planet! I urge everyone to get involved in doing at least 1 "green" thing each week and together we can see a difference in our planet! 
Another great campaign was the flickoff campaign also supported by CBC. When your not in a room turn off the lights, this has to be one of the biggest money saving things I can think of for home owners and renters! TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS! 
I really hope that by reading this everyone can do at least one green thing today!!

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  1. Coffee tumblers are a good idea... I looked for one the other day in my house so that I could bring tea but turns out there are no mug lid corresponding ones so I may have to go buy one!
    Energy saving is key especially if you haver to pay utilities, We have a list of energy saving tips on the fridge.
    GO GREEN OR GO HOME. ahah.