Friday, January 30, 2009

The little things.

I've been thinking about the little things. The little things that cause each of us to smile. Nothing extravagant just the little thing. 

I'll set you up with a few examples:

1. Having someone open a door for you
2. Looking out your window in the city and being able to actually see a star
3. Having someone send you a text or a facebook message just to say 'Hi' 
4. Having someone know you so well that they know exactly what you like and how to make you smile. 
5. Doing your school work and having your housemate bring you a freshly baked cookie, or smoothie. 

Since I was thinking about the 'little thing' I thought I would share some stuff with you that makes me smile. 
My three sisters and I for Christmas do secret santa (it's not really secret because we usually just pick who we want to get a present for). This year Ruth got me my secret sister present and I really wanted some Calvin Klein undies and she made that happen, but she also got me an amazing little cupcake to put my earrings in!

I absolutely love making cupcakes (as UWO PTs know I will take any excuse to make cupcakes; by the way thanks for liking them so much!). I just thought it was so sweet of my sister to know exactly what I like! 

It's really the little things that count and make a not so special day into an AMAZING one!


  1. HIII!
    I like reading your blog,
    miss your life!!

    - Nancy

  2. I can't get enough of your blog (probably because your is like the Ashley to my Mary Kate) PS about your cupcake making! Those butterflies you made were amazing, you have some talent!! I must talk to you about this haha

    aka single betty