Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fairy Tale...More Like Fairies Fail...

Fairy tale... I think not. We've all heard the story of Cinderella and Snow White and maybe even Sleeping Beauty. Each story leaves us with the hope that we will one day find Prince Charming or a closely related cousin or maybe even his brother. What the fairy tales don't tell is that they're not real. 
Try this picture on for size, I don't really have the best luck I feel if I were to stand at the front of a ship I would be there just to block the birds from hitting the person behind me.
Ladies have you ever found a guy that you thought was PERFECT; the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with?
So you found this guy, and you've been dating for two weeks and you swear he is the replicant of a Greek god. I mean ladies come on this guy is H-O-T hot, he treats you like a princess and just to top it all off he has a rock hard butt. (Wentworth Miller) 

I'm just warning you here girls, watch out for the bad frogs, they do what they need to hook ya but once you think your with the next prince charming he flips on ya!  
There are a few warning signs that I am going to offer here.
Lose your guy if: 
1. Your man is getting constant text from other girls (all the time)
2. He Tattoo that says mom.
3. He thinks your perfect. --> No one is perfect no matter how much you think you are! 
4. You can't find any personal time. 
5. He talks marriage in the first two months. (wow slow down there pony) 

I know that fairy tales aren't real and I know that everyone will find their own Prince Charming, but watch out for the bad frogs; and if you happen to stand at the front of a boat in Titanic style remember to duck if you see a bird coming your way! 


  1. HAHA this guy sounds WAY to familiar! lol....found a toad...guess I got to keep trying! dam the overwhelming amount of frogs out there!....We just got to keep believing the fairytale despite everything!!...p.s. that titanic pic is hilarious!!

  2. Nice Blog! Stumbled here by chance! :)
    This was an Eye Opener post! :)

    His Tatoo says 'Mumma' LOL!!! Funny!!