Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Control Anger... HAHA- My Rage Has a Name.

Do you ever have those days where its like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? 
Realistically if this is the case, I woke up on the wrong side of my room. I have been angry all day, different things just seemed to continuously go wrong! I had to leave early for class this morning - by early I mean 10:30 - just as I was walking out the door my house mate asked me to move the car. Low and behold I almost missed the bus, which was step one in having an anger filled day. (she didn't even go anywhere while I was out at class...). Next I came home and wanted to clean the washroom, but what couldn't I find? Thats right folks, I couldn't find the cleaning supplies, they are supposed to be in the closet in my bathroom, but no no not there. I searched the house, then the garage, they weren't anywhere I looked. They were in the laundry room! So, I got the cleaning supplies and cleaned the bathroom. WAIT, I didn't mention that the cleaning solution I used smelt like rotten eggs. Today my rage came in the form of destiny dying on me. 
Moving on to the rest of my day, I burnt my dinner, my cars breaks are squealing again, AND I spilt my hot chocolate on my shoe. My day isn't over yet, I feel the worst is yet to come. 
Tomorrow will be better, I get to play squash with one of my friends Erica, I'll post a photo of how awesome we are when we play squash tomorrow, or maybe even a video, you best be watching for it! 
Hope your day was better than mine.

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  1. Dear Laura, don't you love blogging for the sole purpose of ranting about life? Just waiting for the bus alone is enough to make a perfectly great day turn into a nightmare (I take atleast 2 a day.. and if I were to calculate it, I probably waste about 5 hours of my life per week waiting haha). But now whenever I'm having a bad day, instead of anticipating the next thing to go wrong, I try to turn my thought process around. For example, at least you caught the bus :) and atleast you didn't spill your hot chocolate on your white shirt (like I constantly do, the joys of being clumsy haha). You probably hate me for writing this, but sometimes it helps, I'm not annoyingly optimistic, I'm a little bit of the opposite sometimes, so I constantly have to remind myself to do this.

    Here's to looking on the bright side,
    Danielle (singlebetty.blogspot.com)