Saturday, January 24, 2009

Remedy Sleepless Nights

Do you ever find it hard to fall asleep? 
Maybe it's because there are a million things racing around in your mind and whenever your about the fall asleep something else pops in your head that makes you stressed or anxious. I have been in my bed trying to fall asleep for 2 hours now; I wanted to try and get a good night sleep, I guess that isn't happening...
In my state of being awake I was thinking about all the different ways my mom used to try and get my to fall asleep when I was younger. I never got the warm milk to help me fall asleep, I got stories, or she would play with my hair. Don't you ever long for the days when you were 5 and the biggest worry you had was remembering who your best friend was that week and what their name was? I know I sure do! 
Since I am awake I have been thinking of new ways that would make a sleepless night a little less sleepless. I wouldn't suggest going on the computer, I find it wakes me up a little more. However, food is a great way to help someone fall asleep. When you eat food all the blood goes away from your head towards your stomach and the surrounding area to help you digest, this is why your usually the most tired after you eat. 
I'm having popcorn, is anyone else in!? 

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