Thursday, January 22, 2009

First TIme Playing Squash

Never played squash before? Me either! I was able to play for the very first time yesterday and it was awesome! 
A girl from my program named Erica was my competition and it was great. Neither of us are very good, but by the end of the hour we were getting pretty good, not professional good but oh we were close! 
Erica and I both thought that playing squash is a really good work out and I must say by the end I was sweating. I highly recommend if you haven't tried playing squash or a racket sport that you go and play. While your at it, it gives you a great reason to go and experience the new gym at UWO!
For rules click here. Rules is really what I need to work on, however, hand eye coordination would be a great skill to grasp also! 



  1. If you need another partner, get in touch with me... I'm not very good either! :)

  2. Nick, that would be awesome, I will definitely take you up on that offer!

  3. Kind of late but I'm always looking for a squash partner too!!

  4. I am up for playing squash with anyone whenever!!!