Thursday, January 15, 2009


Didn't I say I was going to put some of my masterpieces on here!? 
These are monarch butterfly cupcakes that I made for my Grandma's Birthday. Making the wings had to be the hardest part. The first time making these will definitely be the hardest. I didn't get the hang of making them till the very end. 

Making the wings: 
1. Get about 60 chocolate wafers of any two colours you want. (These can be found at bulkbarn)
2. Put each colour into a separate ziplock bag and microwave for 10 seconds at a time; in between each 10 seconds move the chocolate wafers around within the bag. 
3. Draw butterfly wings on a piece of paper in any style you want, just remember not to make them too large, if they are too big they will fall off the cupcake. 
4. When making the wings make each individual wing on a piece of wax paper that you lay over the butterfly wing that you drew. 
5. Do the outside (brown) part of the wing first and then the inside (orange). Remember to move quickly as chocolate sets fast. 
6. To get the swirls use a tooth pick drawing the chocolate from the outline to the inside of the wing. 
7. Put the wings in the fridge to set. You don't want to put them in the freezer for two reasons a) Once you take the wings out of the freezer just like meat the wings could start to sweat causing the chocolate to go bad. b) The chocolate could get discoloured. 

Assembling your butterfly:
1. Have as many cupcakes ready as you do sets of wings. 
2. Put frosting/icing onto the cupcake. The harder the icing the firmer your wings will be once they are on top of the cupcake. 
3. Put two pieces of hard licorice into the cupcake about 1/3 of the way from the bottom. You don't want to make them too close together about 1/3 of the size of the cupcake apart should be find. 
4. Put the wings on at a 45 degree angle so that they rest on the licorice.
5. Quickly put hard frosting in the middle of the wings to make it look like the body of the butterfly. 
6. Once this sets your butterfly is ready to be eaten! 

Now its time to enjoy your tasty creation! 


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  2. These look great! Good job! When you say "Do the wings" do you mean start pouring the melted chocolate onto the wax paper?

    Also, do you cut a corner off the ziplock bag to make a "tube" that you can squeeze the chocolate out of? If not, give that a try, its pretty neat what you can do with that! Just make sure you don't buy cheap ziplock bags, sometimes the seams break and you have chocolate everywhere, lol... Its happened before.

  3. My birthday is in november, and i expect some wicked cupcakes as well.
    Great job Laura, they look amazing.

  4. Good god, I thought my weak Christmas sugar cookies were too much effort. These are fabulous