Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mirror much!?

So I'm sitting in the North Campus Building waiting for my 2:30 class to start today. I was in one of the booths just sitting on my laptop minding my own business when this girl sits down across from me. I was fine with her sitting down across from me and I went back to my computer and working on some school work when, all of a sudden she sits like a dude. I'm talking legs fully spread wide apart, but this isn't even the worst thing. She has HOLES in the crotch of her pants, two of them just right there. I'm sitting there acting like I'm not noticing but I mean how can I not...she had two giant holes right there. I think if that were me I would notice the hole and maybe go home and change? Or at the very least where spanks under the pants so it was less noticeable. Don't people care how they present themselves anymore?
So I go to Western right? Western is notorious for being a fashion show every day with the way people dress. There is the stereotypical Western girl with the Aritzia jacket, Lulu Lemon sweater, either Lulu Lemon spandex pants or any random spandex pant, and Ugg/Emu boots and to top it all off a Western girl cannot and I mean CANNOT be seen with a backpack. No sir, a Western girl must have an over size bag that could fit a moderately sized toddler. Just a note here ladies, it's winter don't wear tights no one wants to see your cellulite anyways, and Ugg/Emu boots leak and have no grip, they may be warm but Timberland boots are warm, 100% waterproof and wont go gross after one winter! 
I say dress warm and dress comfortable. 



  1. This is awesome, definitely true!

    Oh, and thats very unfortunate about that girl with the holes sitting across from you...

  2. I think girls are immune to cold when they want to look good (just look at the ones going clubbing or something). Of course, this is just a theory. You should conduct an experiment for me =D

  3. That picture is too perfect a portrayal of 'the western girl'! hah and I love that the link is "toronto street fashion" considering 95% of 'western girls' are from TO...