Friday, April 3, 2009

Butterfly Cupcakes

Have you ever been asked to do something really cool? I was asked to make cupcakes for a cocktail hour hosted by Bethany's Hope Foundation. Among those attending is chef Michael Smith which, to say the least is...exciting and nerve wracking! I just hope that people like them, I think they are cool, mainly because I have been working on them for a really long time! Hope you like them! I think it is some of my finer work! 


  1. These cupcakes look insanely amazing.

    Will you actually be attending the event? Because, if you are, Michael Smith is one of my favourite chefs on the Food Network. Get a photo with him (and try to convince him to teach me everything he knows).

  2. That's so exciting! They look awesome, and I want one.

  3. Paul and I battle about whether we like Michael Smith or not.
    I think that his theory's are good, his cooking is too, but there is just something about his voice that I cannot deal with.

    Gabe is the best ever.

    Nice job on these ridiculous cupcake, I must say, I am impressed.

  4. HAHA when i met him last night, his voice is exactly the same!!! it was weird I felt like there was a tv in the room but it was actually hime. Also, he is a GIANT and has REALLY huge eyes haha

  5. This look absolutely AMAZING!!!

  6. They were tasty. Excellent job.